Total Solar Eclipse June 21, 2001, Sambia

Eclipse Sequence

The first total solar eclipse of the new millennium: a breathtaking experience! Cloudless sky above Sambia, about 300 people on a small hilltop (see photo below) with great view onto the sambaing landscape. About 300 people from all over the world: from Sambia, other African nations, the U.S., South America, Europe, India. Nearby the great Solipse Festival with 4000 people.

On the sun two big spots can be seen with the naked eye (but with protection of course!). As the partial phase proceeds to about 80 %, the air temperature drops considerably and then the light changes in a kind that cannot be described by words.

The Observing Site and The Equipment

Totality: a combined outburst of enthusiasm of thousands of people! No photo can capture these impressions. The view through a 20 power binocular: the corona covers the whole field of view of about 3°. On the edge of the covered sun: several pig prominences. A sight beyond description! 3 1/2 minutes are simply too short!

Prominences on the rim


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